April 6th

Bid on a spot to work out of your trailer during The Revival

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Additional Info

  • Auction will be held at SC Online Sales on April 6th.

  • A spot must be purchased to work out of your trailer during the show, if you are not the winning bid you will be assigned pens in the barn.​

  • Each spot can accommodate ONE TRAILER ONLY. No exceptions

  • ​Some spots are limited in trailer size, please be aware of restrictions when choosing a spot to bid on.

  • ​Each lot number corresponds with a trailer spot on the map. If you would like to be parked near a friend, plan to bid on spots next to each other.

  • Trailer spots are open to all exhibitors showing all species. We designate spots based on proximity to respective show rings. 

  • Please keep in mind, barn space is limited, this is a great opportunity to reserve a private area to fit and prep for the show! 

  • ​Proceeds from this auction will be used to to benefit the exhibitors of The Revival.